sábado, janeiro 19, 2008


So It´s another day.
Then It´s another year. Happy, I hope.
And here I am.
Threre are some things that I don´t wanna learn.. nor even know...
Yes, I´ve never got drunk.
I´ve always loved the light water, yes.
I Want to save the planet, Sir.
I wanna see the world and feel the frozen of deep seas.
I like to look at the moon and the stars when We´re together on the beach, baby. I really do.
I, me, we, us.
Only You and Me.
They will come along, but in the next day. Not today.

So let´s dance under the sun, sleep in the morning, walk in the rain, sing on the mountain, call everyone and hold the world.
Or then We may dance under the moon, sleep the whole night, walk down the streets, sing in the shower, leave a message and hold our hands.

2 comentários:

Cláudio Motta disse...

Muito bonito!

Mitzzi de Carvalho Motta disse...


obrigada............ meu amor......